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AMAX BEE Verifications is pioneering the SANAS economic empowerment rating methodology as per the SANAS R47-02. The rating will assist companies in identifying and understanding their own, unique empowerment status, risks and opportunities to improve on future ratings. AMAX BEE Verifications ratings can also be used by public and private sector institutions and companies to allocate procurement, licensing and financing benefits more efficiently and effectively thus benefiting sustainable empowerment entities.
We perform ratings across South Africa, for companies ranging from large multinationals to small privately owned entities. These verifications thus include EME's, QSE's and large Generic companies, across all sectors in the economy.
As an independent verification agency we cannot assist in optimising and structuring our clients B-BBEE profiles whilst also performing a B-BBEE rating. However, through our network of affiliated B-BBEE advising companies, we can enable our clients to truly transform their
B-BBEE profile.


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